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The imperative to take action to mitigate climate change impacts has never been more urgent. Despite international efforts, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Climate finance has a crucial role to play in helping developing countries make the transition to more environmentally sustainable systems of energy production and use, while also addressing developmental priorities of energy security and energy poverty. 

Many developing countries are already investing substantial resources of their own in clean energy technologies and low carbon options that can also help them meet developmental and energy security goals. Private investment in technologies that contribute to mitigation is growing quickly. 

The majority of climate finance to date has been directed to mitigation activities, particularly in fast growing emerging economies such as India, China, South Africa, Turkey and Mexico, where emissions are growing rapidly. However, there has been a lack of financing for developing
 countries, which could use mitigation finance to pursue low-carbon development pathways and address energy poverty.

Download the Climate Finance Fundamentals 'Thematic Briefing on Mitigation'.

Kutch, Farming - India. Source: flickr/danishwindindustryassociation