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Initiatives tracking climate finance


REDD X Tracking Forest Finance

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Forest Trends


Tracking source and flow of REDD+ finance and activities in 13 recipient countries.


Voluntary REDD+ Database REDD+ Partnership (FAO/UNEP) Improving transparency around REDD+, finding and addressing gaps and overlaps in REDD+ financing, and sharing experiences on REDD+. It relies solely on information voluntarily submitted by countries and institutions.
Fast Start Finance Coalition of governments, led by the Netherlands Countries determine the reporting template and level of specificity they provide.
Indepen­dent Fast Start Finance Tracking World Resources Institute Tracks and reports pledges from donor countries, including what is ‘new and additional’ and the channelling institution(s) used.
REDD Countries Database The REDD Desk (Global Canopy Programme and Forum on Readiness for REDD) A database of a range of ongoing REDD+ activities organised by country and summarising key information across a broad range of areas including policies, plans, laws, statistics, activities and financing.
Fast-Start Finance Submis­sions by Annex 1 Parties UNFCCC The UNFCCC Conference of the Parties invited developed countries to provide submissions detailing the fast-start climate finance they are providing, in order to enhance transparency.
Climate Finance Tracker World Bank The website reports funding by sector, sources and finance mechanism. It provides information on funding objectives, financing mechanism, application procedures, project types, decision making structure, and project examples. Complete and up to date information on the financial status of each initiative is lacking.
UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office Gateway UNDP Real-time information on contributions, projects and detailed balance of resources committed, deposited, budgeted, transferred and expenditures. The portfolio includes MPTFs, 'Delivering as One' UN Funds and Joint Programmes that support humanitarian, recovery, reconstruction and development processes. It only covers a limited number of climate change initiatives.
FCPF Dashboard World Bank – FCPF Periodical updates of country status on the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Readiness progress, with figures on grants signed and/or disbursed, as well as a financial summary.