Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative


Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) supports the development of the REDD+ international agenda and architecture. The ICFI’s primary goal is to help establish a global, binding, long-term post-2012 regime that will ensure the necessary and sufficient cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions to limit global temperature rises to no more than 2°C.

Up to NOK 3 billion (USD$517 million) per year has been pledged to the NICFI. The NICFI contributes to several multilateral and bilateral initiatives including the Brazilian Amazon Fund, Congo Basin Forest Fund, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and Forest Investment Program. In order to avoid ‘double counting’, funds monitored elsewhere on the CFU will be excluded from ICFI data on this page.

Graphs and statistics

    Data Clarification

  • Latest confirmation received from Fund Managers: 14-11-2012
  • These charts exclude contributions to multilateral funds monitored on CFU, which are included as pledges and deposits to those funds.
  • NICFI reports total contributions to
    • CBFF of US$83 million.  CBFF reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$82.50 from NICFI. 
    • FIP of US$150 million.  FIP reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$145 million from NICFI.  
    • FCPF of US$85 million. FCPF reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$91.20 million from NICFI.  
    • UN-REDD Programmme of US$120 million.  UN-REDD Programme reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$124.41 million from NICFI. 
These discrepancies might be due to variations and fluctuations in exchange rates, and will be reflected on the overview data page. 
  • NICFI reports contributions to the Amazon Fund of 'up to US$1 billion', which corresponds to Amazon Fund's reported receipts (pledges & deposits) from NICFI of US$1 billion.