Germany's International Climate Initiative


The International Climate Initiative (ICI) finances climate projects in developing and newly industrialised countries, as well as countries in transition economies. The ICI focuses on promoting a climate-friendly economy, measures for climate change adaptation and for the preservation or sustainable use of carbon reservoirs/Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).

Graphs and statistics

    Data Clarification

  • Contributions data confirmed by the Fund Managers on: 29 January 2014.  
  • The ICI does not distinguish between approved and disbursed funds. As a result, detailed information on disbursed funds is currently not reported and the entire amount is considered approved.
  • ICI also supports credit lines by funding reduced interest rates, projects which are carried out by KfW.  These projects comprise the reduced interest rate (which is the ICI grant) but also KfW funding. As details on the amount paid by ICI for these projects is not available, they are not included in the above list of projects.