UK's International Climate Fund (formerly ETF-IW)


The International Climate Fund (ICF) is the primary channel of UK climate change finance. It became operational in 2011, as an outcome of the Spending Review 2010, and replaced the Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF). The ICF is designed to help developing countries adapt to climate change, embark on low carbon growth and tackle deforestation. 

A list of funds tracked by Climate Funds Update, and links to fund profile pages can be found below. Each fund page offers an overview of key details on each of the fund, including:

Graphs and statistics

    Details on our data

  • Latest confirmation received from Fund Managers: November 2013.
  • These charts exclude contributions to multilateral funds monitored on CFU, which are included as pledges and deposits to those funds.
  • UK-ICF reports contributions to:
    • CBFF of US$35 million. CBFF reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$50 million from UK-ICF.
    • Clean Investment funds (CTF, FIP, PPCR, SREP) of US$714 million. CIFs report receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$1,003 million from UK-ICF.
    • FCPF of US$10 million. FCPF reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of US$23.7 million from UK-ICF. 
  • These discrepancies might be due to the inclusion of contributions from UK-ICF’s predecessor, the UK Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF), in CIF, CBFF & FCPF reports.