Australia's International Forest Carbon Initiative


Australia's International Forest Carbon Initiative supports global efforts to establish a REDD+ mechanism under the UNFCCC. Jointly administered by the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and AusAID, the Initiative enables Australia to work closely with developing countries to find practical ways to reduce forest emissions. The Australian Government does not intend to set up a new fund or governance structure through IFCI, but will work through established channels of bilateral dialogue and cooperation at the international level.

In June 2010, Australia announced it would contribute A$599 million (US$512.95 million) to fast-start financing for climate change, to be delivered using existing partnerships, mechanisms and relationships. This fast start package includes A$146 million (US$125.03 million) to the IFCI to assist developing countries with REDD+ activities.

Graphs and statistics

    Data Clarification

  • Data not confirmed by the Fund Managers.
  • These charts exclude contributions to multilateral funds monitored on CFU, which are included as pledges and deposits to those funds.
  • IFCI reports contributions of 'over US$30 mn each to the FCPF & FIP, which correspond to FCPF & FIP reports of US$30.3 mn & US$35 mn respectively.  However, the total amount disbursed to the FCPF & FIP have not been reported by the IFCI.