Forest Investment Program


The Forest Investment Program (FIP) is a targeted program of the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) within the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

The FIP supports developing countries’ efforts to reduce deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) and promotes sustainable forest management that leads to emission reductions and the protection of carbon reservoirs. It achieves this by providing scaled-up financing to developing countries for readiness reforms and public and private investments, identified through national REDD readiness or equivalent strategies.

Graphs and statistics

    Data Clarification

  • Information on contributions  and on project approvals  is as of June 2015.
  • Information on project disbursement is as of June, 2014.
  • Information on pledges and deposits is as June, 2014.
  • Latest confirmation received from Fund Managers: April 26, 2013.
  • FIP reports receipts (pledges & deposits) from
    • UK-ICF of of US$100 million.  UK-ICF reports contributions of US$87 million to FIP.  This discrepancy might be due to the inclusion of contributions from UK-ICF’s predecessor, the UK Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF), in FIP reports.
    • IFCI of US$35 million, which corresponds with IFCI's reported contribution of 'over US$30 million' to FCPF.
  • Uptake & Projects Supported: As of 31st March 2012, the FIP Sub-Committee has endorsed four Investment Plans for a total amount of proposed funding of US$180 million.