Clean Technology Fund


The Clean Technology Fund (CTF), one of two multi-donor Trust Funds within the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), promotes scaled-up financing for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies with significant potential for long-term greenhouse gas emissions savings. Channelled through the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank, and World Bank Group, the CTF finances 12 country programmes and one regional programme.

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  • Latest confirmation received from Fund Managers: April 26, 2013.
  • Information on contributions and projects as of February 2015. 
  • Amounts approved for CTF projects will appear to have decreased since the last update. This is due to clarification in the semi-annual report above of the status of a number of projects previously thought to be approved which are in fact awaiting final MDB approval. The cumulative approval figure is not decreasing.
  • CTF reports receipts (pledges & deposits) of GBP 518 million from the UK-ICFUK-ICF reports this contribution to be GBP 305 million.  This discrepancy might be due to the inclusion of contributions from UK-ICF’s predecessor, the UK Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF), in CTF reports. 
  • Uptake & Projects Supported:  As of 31 March 2012, 15 investment plans have been endorsed including country plans in Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam, and a regional concentrating solar power programme in the Middle East and North Africa covering Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia. US$4.35 billion has been earmarked to these plans. Investment plans requiring an additional US$1.025 billion were endorsed for Nigeria in November 2010 and for India in November 2011. Funding the projects and programs in these plans will be contingent upon the availability of additional funds.