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Global climate finance architecture

The global climate finance architecture is complex: finance is channeled through multilateral funds – such as the Global Environment Facility and the Climate Investment Funds – as well as increasingly through bilateral channels. In addition, a growing number of recipient countries have set up national climate change funds that receive funding from multiple developed countries in an effort to coordinate and align donor interests with national priorities.

There is generally much more transparency about the status of implementation of multilateral climate finance initiatives than of bilateral climate finance initiatives. The proliferation of climate finance mechanisms increases the challenges of coordinating and accessing finance.

The architecture of the funds

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Government agencies, development banks and programmes
  • AFD - French Development Agency
  • AusAID - Australian Agency for International Development
  • BMZ - Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • CCPO - Climate Change Projects Office
  • CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
  • DFID - Department for International Development
  • EU REDDF - European Union REDD Facility  
  • Ex-Im - Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • FFEM - French Global Environment Facility 
  • GCCA - Global Climate Change Alliance
  • GIZ - German Technical Cooperation 
  • JBIC - Japan Bank of International Cooperation
  • JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency 
  • KfW - German Development Bank
  • MIES - Interministerial Taskforce on Climate Change 
  • MOFA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation 
  • ODIN - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • OPIC - Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  • RECP - Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme
  • USAID - U.S. Agency for International Development

Dedicated bilateral initiatives

Multilateral funds
National climate funds
  • AF - Amazon Fund
  • BCCTF - Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund
  • FONERWA - Rwanda National Climate and Environment Fund
  • GRIF - Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund
  • ICCTF - Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund
  • MCCF - Mexico Climate Change Fund
  • PSF - Philippines People's Survival Trust

UN and regional agencies, other acronyms

  • AfDB - African Development Bank
  • AsDB - Asian Development Bank
  • CIF - Climate Investment Funds
  • EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • EIB - European Investment Bank
  • FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
  • UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
  • UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme
  • UNREDD - United Nations Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
  • WB - World Bank

Climate Finance Fundamentals

The content on this page is taken from:

The evolving global climate finance architecture

The evolving global climate finance architecture
2011 - English (PDF, 190kb)
2010 - in English (PDF, 125kb)
2010 - en español (PDF, 143kb)

Additional resources

Climate Finance Fundamentals

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