Global trends

This section offers statistics and analysis of how funds are developing. This includes:

Size of the funds

Size of the funds
Details on the relative sizes of the funds and how much they have been pledged, how much has been deposited in them, what spending they've approved and how much they've disbursed.

The donor countries

Pledges and deposits by country
Information on which countries are contributing to funds - including details on the pledges they've made and whether these pledged funds have actually been deposited.

Climate funds architecture

An overview and diagrams explaining how the funds are structured and who is contributing and managing which funds.

Additional resources

Climate Finance Fundamentals

Including overviews on the principles and criteria of public climate finance; the global climate finance architecture; the design of the Green Climate Fund; and gender in climate finance.

Including papers on direct access to climate finance;  and  climate finance additionality.

Fast start finance

Compilation of ODI, WRI and OCN analysis and comment on developed country climate finance commitments between 2010-2012.
Earth. Source: flickr/stef thomas