Data dashboard

Information on the methodology and details of CFU Data is available here. More detail on each fund is available at the funds page.

Our data was most recently updated in May 2017.

The full dataset is available here (page opens in a new window: select the download option).

The data below is for multilateral climate funds only. Information on bilateral initiatives no longer tracked by CFU can be found at the funds page.

Further analysis of funding by theme and region.

Status of climate funds

Contributions to the funds

Climate finance recipients

Downloading the Data: Step by step
  • Place the mouse on the white part of the tab and click once
  • Scroll the bar down and click on: Download
  • A Tableau tab will appear, click on: Data
  • A new page with the Data will appear, click on: Underlying and then tick the box: Show all columns
  • Then click on: Download all rows as a text file and open with: Excel