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Contributor Countries

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change recognises countries common but differentiated responsibilities to address climate change, and the importance of providing developing countries with finance, technology and capacity building support to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
CFU contributor country pages outline a number of developed countries contributions to climate finance in the context of its role in the global economy, its greenhouse gas emissions, and its own vulnerability to global climate change.

                    Japan                              United Kingdom
JapanUnited Kingdom

              United States

United States

Recipient Countries

 CFU country pages take a closer look at how finance is spent within recipient countries. They indicate the scale of funding approved and disbursed by climate funds and initiatives in the context of a country's greenhouse gas emissions and vulnerability to climate change impacts. Over time, we plan to expand our country pages to showcase how climate finance is spent in developing countries that are participating in efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation, emit large volumes of GHG emissions as a result of energy, transport, industry, agriculture, and water; or are highly vulnerable to climate change.


                      Brazil                                     DRC                                        

                      Indonesia                                Nepal
                     Philippines                                Uganda